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"Exactly what I was looking for, a quick turn around and a low rate. approved my loan within half an hour of my application."

John - Essex

"Great service! Bridging Home Loan offered a better solution than any of the banks. I had my money within a week and could proceed with my home purchase."

Chloe - Oxford

"A clear and professional provider. The team at were on-hand to answer any questions and I always felt I was getting a good deal, compared to other options."

Terry- Leeds



What is a bridging loan?

Typically used by homeowners, Bridging loans are temporary short-term loans, taken out to to cover a shortfall of money.
Essentially it’s a very short term mortgage. Like a mortgage, it’s a loan that is “secured” against property.


What is loan security?

Any type of residential property or land in the United Kingdom is security for a bridging loan. Unsure? Call our experts today!


Can I use the money for any purpose?

Of course! The money can be used to purchase anything you want, not just for property related purposes. You will just need to demonstrate that you can offer loan security.

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